My name is Justin McKinney, and I am a digital marketing executive with 5+ years experience in the industry. 

I went from being an entry-level SEO Specialist to the Head of SEO at my current company (Wpromote) in just a few years. Not only was I put in charge of other people, I was given our largest and most challenging accounts. These clients included everything from VC startups to Fortune 500s.

Despite being significantly younger and less tenured than most of my peers, I rose up the ranks because I develop effective SEO strategies and provide tangible value to my clients. At the end of the day, I never forget that SEO is a tool to drive more business for my clients.

While anyone can claim that they are an SEO expert, I have the case studies to back up my claims. Check them out; the results speak for themselves!


In my career, I’m honored to say that I have won two awards for my work in the SEO industry.

Best Local Search Marketing Initiative – SEO: Search Engine Land 2019 Awards

Best Local Search Marketing Initiative - SEO Award
Read the full case study here

Innovator Award – The Edgie Awards (Brightedge)

I won this award for creating a machine that bulk analyzes voice search questions and answers

Client Reviews and Testimonials

Below are reviews some of my clients have left for me and Wpromote on Google and elsewhere. I’ve only pulled reviews from campaigns I personally led.

“We’ve seen a 25% year-over-year increase in lead volume from SEO and could not be happier with Wpromote’s performance.”

Senior VP of Marketing – Cedric Tuck-Sherman, InterDent Service Corporation

“We love working with WPromote! Our WPro team is extremely responsive, dedicated to our account, and always willing to go above and beyond for us. We’ve been working with them for over a year and we’ve been consistently happy with the results they’ve gotten for us. Great partners!”

“We hired Wpromote to help us with SEO work for our sites. Justin was our Sr Account Manager, he was always very responsive and knowledgeable on the topics at hand. He had a great handle on our account and was able to set proper expectations, despite the competitive landscape. Would recommend Justin to anyone that’s in need of a knowledgeable and reliable SEO professional.”

Becky Monraz – Digital Marketing Manager, Walker Advertising

“WPromote is an invaluable partner. SEO, PPC, whatever the digital need they have always provided a cost-effective solution and went above and beyond in helping us, even with what might seem mundane, off-contract work – they never cease to amaze in how the team will jump in and help us be the best we can be no matter what the project. We’ve come a long way, and wouldn’t have been half as far without the selfless support of Justin, Danita, Mary, Jared and the entire team – you have our gratitude.”

Ed Goble – Creative Director, Campbellsville University

I worked with Justin for years. It felt like he worked around the clock. I could always count on him to keep our account on track and nothing would fall through the cracks. Always very professional well educated, and understanding. Justin is the best!

Mandy Nowels – VP of Marketing & Ecommerce, The Spice & Tea Exchange

Peer Feedback

Driving incredible results through SEO campaigns is great, but it is equally important to work collaboratively. Take a look at what my peers have to say about working with me.

In the last three years, I’ve had the privilege of seeing Justin grow into an exceptional marketing professional. While I’m sure he’d humbly give credit to many coworkers helping him out along the way, the truth is that Justin should give all the credit for his many successes to himself. He is a true self-starter, and his passion for learning drives him to constantly go above and beyond what’s expected of any employee.

He’s always among the first team members to discover, absorb and share a new strategy or tactic, and as a result, he’s one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever worked with. From technical SEO to Content Marketing, Justin is incredibly well rounded, and he’s been a fantastic sounding board whenever I’m struggling with a complex challenge.

Justin is also a born leader and mentor. He’s extremely approachable and willing to drop anything to assist a coworker in need. Justin has been a huge part of Wpromote’s success and would be an amazing asset to any team.

Matt Souza – Director of Onsite SEO Strategy, Wpromote

Justin is one of the strongest SEO managers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He excels in technical SEO and is always the first to test out and adapt to the latest industry trends. Additionally, Justin leads the department and team as a strong mentor and teacher. He is always willing to go the extra mile for his team and clients and those that work with him respect and look up to him. I would highly recommend Justin for any company; anyone would be lucky to have him on their team.

Ashley Bliss Boelter – Senior Marketing Manager, SEO & Web at

Justin has the amazing combination of an insatiable hunger for knowledge and an incredible capacity to internalize & apply it. He’s easily the most talented young digital marketing expert I have had the privilege of knowing in my 10 years in the industry as of this writing. In another 10 years, I expect much of the SEO industry will come to know him as I do.

Not to diminish the above, what stands out to me above and beyond his ability to effortlessly out-perform his peers, is his level-headed and humble nature. You’ll not find a more even handed team player nor a cooler customer, under pressure. It’s a genuine pleasure to work with him.

Paul Teddy – Director of SEO, Wpromote

Justin is an incredibly talented and skilled [SEO]. I’ve seen him rise in the ranks during my time working with him due to his natural affinity for learning and exceptional passion to continuously innovate. He’s extremely efficient and effective, open to feedback, and a master of his craft. As a senior member on the team he has truly set the standard for what it is to be a leader–constantly sharing ideas, making time to help others, and challenging our offering as a department and organization.

As an SEO, Justin is very detail-oriented and will never deliver work that is less than perfect. His depth of SEO knowledge matched with his excellent communication style makes him a successful marketer no matter what campaign he’s working on. His work ethic matched with his leadership makes him an invaluable asset to any team or opportunity that comes his way.

Dana Gonzales – Senior Director of SEO, Wpromote

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