Amazon is a major search engine that is continuing to grow its real estate. With nearly 50% of product searches beginning on Amazon, more businesses are realizing they need to have a presence on Amazon in order to even be considered.

Therefore, I decided I needed to become an Amazon SEO expert in order to stay competitive. In addition to developing the Amazon SEO service at Wpromote, I worked on Amazon SEO campaigns for a few different clients.

Client 1

Client 1 sold health care products on their website but was looking to drive more sales on Amazon, where many of their competitors were already established.

I conducted an audit of their existing Amazon listings to figure out what might be holding them back, and the main area of opportunity I uncovered was that they weren’t leveraging A+ content on any of their product listings (also known as enhanced brand content, or EBC). Amazon claims that the presence of enhanced brand content can increase conversion rates from 3-10% on average, and generally can result in more traffic and sales.

I worked with Client 1 to develop 4 different pieces of enhanced brand content, that we could then seed across all their different product listings. I used keyword research tools to determine what keywords we should incorporate into the content – specifically, keywords we wanted to rank for on Amazon but weren’t already using in the titles and descriptions. I also went through reviews and FAQs on their product listings on Amazon and on the website to figure out what the common conversion barriers were, so that we could address them head-on in the A+ content.

After implementing the new pieces of EBC, we saw tremendous results in the first 3 weeks alone. Sales increased by 53% and traffic increased by 44%.

Next Steps

Now that you’ve seen the types of results I can drive on Amazon, feel free to check out my other case studies. Or, if you’re looking for help growing your own business on Amazon, you can get in contact with me here.