As an SEO expert, I’ve personally lead or helped develop strategies for dozens of lead-gen and local SEO campaigns. Learn about the types of strategies and tactics I use for lead gen websites and local businesses by reading these SEO case studies. You’ll see that the results speak for themselves.

Note: For the sake of brevity, I won’t be going into exhaustive detail concerning every element of these campaigns. Instead, I’ll highlight the major tactics I employed to drive more leads, revenue, and traffic.

I also do not display any identifiable data from any clients, and do not highlight data from any clients identified in my ‘About’ page except when referencing publicly available data.

Client 1

Client 1 was a location-based lead-gen client looking to increase its qualified leads, but they weren’t seeing enough success from its current SEO efforts.

During the campaign, Client 1 saw a 115% increase in qualified leads from SEO.

line graph showing 115% increase in qualified leads from SEO
115% increase in qualified leads

Let’s explore how we got there.

After conducting a comprehensive technical and content audit, we uncovered several significant issues holding back the website’s ability to rank for important keywords. I prioritized fixing 2 main issues:

  1. The website didn’t have any location pages built to target keywords like ‘service in city’.
  2. The top traffic-driving page was not setup to actually convert visitors into customers.

I worked with Client 1 to create location pages that highlighted the work they did in each city/region, used high-intent keywords and their synonyms in the content, and placed compelling calls-to-action (CTAs) in order to convert visitors into leads as soon as possible.

As for improving CVR on their top landing page, my tactics included:

  • Improving page speed on mobile and desktop
  • Rewriting the content to include more calls-to-action as opposed to being purely informational
  • Breaking up the content into smaller chunks with bold headers, to make the page easier to read on mobile devices
  • Setting up click-to-call functionality for phone numbers

Client 2 – InterDent Service Corporation

InterDent is a dental service organization supporting over 180+ dentist offices. To read more about this campaign, check out this case study we published about InterDent in conjunction with BrightEdge.

Local SEO case study

The first part of the SEO strategy involved merging their ~200 domains (all of which ranked for little beyond the brand and were all near-duplicates of each other) into a single domain. By migrating these properties to a new domain, we consolidated these websites’ link equity onto a single domain which led to a near-instantaneous boost to keyword rankings, and more importantly, new patients.

Within a year, we went from under 40% of offices ranking in the local 3 pack for our primary keywords (‘dentist’, ‘dentist near me’) to 98% of offices ranking in the local 3 pack.

The work I did on this campaign was recognized at the 2019 Search Engine Land Awards, where I won the award for Best Local Search Marketing Initiative – SEO.

Best Local Search Marketing Initiative - SEO Award
Search Engine Land 2019 Award for Best Local Search Marketing Initiative – SEO

Next Steps

Now that you’ve seen the types of results I can drive for lead-gen and local businesses, feel free to check out my other case studies. Or, if you’re looking for help growing your own business, you can get in contact with me here.