Since YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, SEO experts should also be YouTube SEO experts. They should be able to devise strategies and employ tactics to increase the visibility of videos on YouTube. I’ve worked with a number of YouTube campaigns where the channels sought to increase their subscriber count and drive more traffic from their videos to their websites.

5.11 Tactical

One of the companies whose presence on YouTube I helped boost was 5.11 Tactical. I published a brief case study on the Wpromote website detailing the results from the first quarter of the campaign.

YouTube SEO Case Study

As the screenshot above shows, in just a single quarter we increased our subscriber count by 35%, and drove 67% more referral traffic to the website from YouTube. This means more people are learning about the 5.11 brand, and these people can be retargeted on social media and Google Ads.

The main tactics I used to achieve these results were:

  • Joining the YouTube Partner Program, which is needed to link out to the website from i-cards and end screens
  • Reconfiguring video titles to use more strategic keywords while still enticing clicks
  • Expanding video descriptions to include more keywords and link out to high-converting pages on the website
  • Setting up a custom watermark
  • Creating end screen templates to drive different viewer actions depending on the nature of the video

Next Steps

Now that you’ve seen the types of results I can drive for YouTube channels, feel free to check out my other case studies. Or, if you’re looking for help growing your own YouTube channel, you can get in contact with me here.